Turning on your air conditioner can signify the start of summer. While the sound of the cool air flowing into your home can be calming, what happens if you hear a disconcerting sound coming from your system?  Some noises are normal but others can indicate a problem.



Your outdoor condenser is protected by a grate that keeps out large debris, but smaller debris like twigs and pebbles can make their way through. Many times these intruders can be removed by taking off the vent cover, but in other cases, it may be easier to call a technician to check for and remove debris from an outdoor condenser.



Hissing usually suggests escaping air. If you hear this noise coming from inside your walls, it could mean that your duct work is leaking and needs to be repaired. It could also mean that your vent flaps are closed too tightly or your filter may not be properly sealed.



The sound of metal scraping usually indicates loose parts like fan blades, or loose pipes clanking against other parts. Correcting these issues is important because they could cause additional damage to your system. If you hear these types of noises it’s best to contact a technician right away so the cause can be found and corrected.



Squeaking and thumping often occurs when your system is starting up or shutting down and can indicate worn belts or parts. You should consider scheduling an appointment to have these components checked before a worn part becomes a broken one.



Metal can expand and contract during temperature changes. Ducts may pop open or clang shut which is completely normal. If these noises become bothersome, insulation can be installed to help lessen the noise.



Bubbling is the most worrisome sound and usually indicates air being trapped in the refrigerant line, possibly because of a leak. You should contact us immediately so we can determine the cause and location of the leak.


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